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Tracie Eaton creates highly sought after personalized and unique artworks for personal & business clients. With projects spanning sales of single paintings to multi-room, multi-story developments, Tracie Eaton and her team deliver exceptional, quality artworks, to budget and within agreed time frames. Whether it be an Original Artwork, a Fine Art Reproduction or a Custom Original, Tracie Eaton uses colour specifically to compliment and enhance your design & decor, and to elicit emotive responses from all who view it. Working through a comprehensive Creative Investigation Process, Tracie Eaton uncovers the requirements her clients have. It is a luxurious feeling when you are engaged in an experience that has you as the sole focus. And this is essential to ensure that your new artworks bring the vision you have of your space to fruition. Tracie Eaton artworks have been sold internationally for 13 years, with increased demand following her inclusion in 2019/2020/2021 gift-bags to celebrate Hollywood celebrity Oscar (Academy Awards) nominees. Consequently, regardless of your location, end to end management of your project will occur. This includes concept, creation, delivery and installation if required. Artwork provides an impactful energy to any environment. Custom artwork in particular ensures that your space is reflecting you and the energy you want it to have. Tracie specialises in creating one-off statement pieces for clients. This ensures that the painting you have will not be reproduced in any way, and is unique for you. For more information about creating artwork uniquely for you, or to view paintings currently available for sale visit

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