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The Briar Moss Collective is an idea founded by our director, Kara. She started making succulent arrangements as a way of calming her Complex PTSD symptoms, then began to dream that she could make this into something more... She decided to take the mighty step of opening her own shop here at the Wanneroo Markets, joining and contributing to its supportive community in the process. Wanting to help more people, she discovered an opportunity to aid others who struggle to work due to disability or caring duties. Instead of the tiny shop of plants she had envisioned, she took a leap of faith and opened a bigger shop and has been actively looking for other artists to help fill the store. Her shop now stocks an eclectic variety of handmade, repurposed and artistic items (think op shop, gift shop and craft stall combined) and the money spent in store goes to the artists who fill the many mismatched shelves Kara has been able to procure since she opened at the end of February 2021. Donations of items are accepted and greatly appreciated, as long as they are in good condition."

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