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Mireille Art Gallery offers photography prints, frames and ready to use products for your home and work space. We specialise in award winning fine art photography and have created a range of quality products to help you decorate your environment. From character portraits that give a unique sense and personality, to coastal and rocky landscapes from around the world or images of wildlife and abstract digital art, there is something for everybody in our gallery. The artist's interpretation of the subject is aiming to reach the heart and create a sense of peace and balance by silencing the mind, thus making the art pieces ideal for creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere. Specialising in delivering ready to hang oversized artwork using quality materials and non-reflective glass, our images have been purchased by buildings and hotels in Gold Coast. Our large framed photography prints are sold in Limited Editions of 25 only and are signed by the artist. These limited collections are sold on a 50% Qoin and 50% Cash basis. Please contact us for any enquiries.

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