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Scentsy offers a large range of home and personal products in a variety of fragrances and styles, to suit every taste and décor. The most recognisable products, the decorative Scentsy Warmers and the wax melts, or Scentsy Bars, are combined to create the Scentsy System – a much safer alternative than ordinary wick candles with open flames. Scentsy's wickless candles, or wax melts, are warmed to a low temperature which allows a higher level of fragrance to be used, unlike ordinary candles which burn the wax and release smoke and toxins into the air. This also allows the fragrance to last longer, making it a much more cost effective option. No more having to worry about leaving candles unattended or the risk of nearby items being set alight. The Scentsy System is designed with safety in mind – bringing you complete peace of mind. The range of Scentsy Warmers in Australia and New Zealand use a low voltage element plate, which warms up to slowly melt the Scentsy Bar. These bars, or wax melts, come in over 80 different fragrances so you can mix and match to suit your mood. A large majority of the range also comes with small LED globes to add light and a touch of atmosphere to your home. With such a large range of different designs, the Scentsy Warmer collection has a style to suit everyone.

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