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Harmonious Flair MACRAME COLLECTION With handcrafted and eco-friendly creations! Twisting and crossing ropes to make patterns of wonder, playing around with majestic colours to create beautiful sculptures, flawless options for gift someone. LOCAL MAKERS & ARTISANS Tremendous options to choose from... Made by local Artist, from Australian made cotton cord. Private Workshop In this private macrame workshop you can choose your own macrame project. You can choose one model from the gallery or send me the image of the project that you would like to do. I will check and discuss with you about the timing that the specific project. The workshop is beginner friendly so don't worry at all if it is your first time to doing this beautiful art. I will be guiding you step by step until you finish your project. I run these private workshops at my place in Blacktown - Due to covid I am running online workshops so please email for details.

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