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Hi I'm Deborah, my speciality is creating site specific custom artwork in the commercial, corporate and private sectors, raising the profile, status and ambience of that space. I like to visit the space in person to be able to take in the local colour, light and environment so I am better able to create the perfect piece of art for my clients. My paintings range from small plain air studies, eg 30cm x 40cm, perfect for that special gift, or the large scale contemporary works designed for expansive spaces, from 203cm x 80cm upwards. I like to use unusual materials in my work such as bitumen, grass tree resin, found metal pieces and industrial enamel as well as acrylic and oil. My inspiration comes mostly from the movement within the landscape and the environment I choose to place myself in. My aim is to capture the sights, sounds and the 'feel' of the place. My work is very process driven with a strong bent towards gesture and mark making. Murals are a large part of what I can offer to my clients, my latest one being in The Stage Door Waterside Restaurant, Mandurah 11.5m x 3m. Call me to discuss your requirements and what i can do on Qoin.

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