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Our decorations are designed, and hand crafted here in Australia so every custom air-brushed display can be truly unique. Created on 9mm moisture resistant custom wood, all the back, front and edges are painted with exterior undercoat so each design is fully sealed. The images is then custom airbrushed with high quality industry paints for long lasting colour. Each decoration is then UV cleared to achieve maximum exterior life. The hand made display are made for the weather conditions here in Australia, from extreme heat to cold and wet. They are water resistant. The wind and rain will not affect them. At Bright Design we are extremely flexible to your needs and specification. We have the ability to create the very image you will demand whether it's to suit your corporate, recreational or personal needs. By being essentially home-based and using mostly our own labor, we are able to keep our overheads down. The end result is competitive prices with personal service. At Bright Design our commitment to you is offering reliable and efficient service. All backed with over 20 years of design experience, our custom airbrushing features only the finest quality materials and unique design concepts. These are custom made so please order your Christmas displays well in advance. Michelle Bright 0407 301 828 ___________________________________________________________________________ Qoin payment: We are happy to accept 50% Qoin and 50% AUD freight in AUD

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