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PO Box 3400 Bracken Ridge Road
Bracken Ridge
QLD 4017

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ArtsyCrafty is a family owned business located in Queensland, Australia. My daughter and I put this business together with her love of Art and my love of Craft and we make a great team. My son helps with the manual hard work which he loves. Most of my work is custom work ….. But I do have some standard stock that can be purchased and also how it can be customised, We make Hand made items using Epoxy Resin and Wood, or just epoxy using moulds for specific items and we are now branching into Resin and Acrylic Pouring Art. We use Epoxy Resin to create our products. Our chopping boards are Resin and Camphor Laurel wood. Epoxy Resin creates a perfectly clear glass-like, glossy finish equal to many coats of traditional polyurethane or varnish with a single application.

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